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iAmPURPOSE is a DISCOVERY. It simply means that on this journey called life, somehow, someway I have stumbled upon the notion that iAm not the negative things that people said that iAm because of my circumstances.

It means that I have risen above the ashes and discovered MY PURPOSE in this life!

iAmPURPOSE is a DECLARATION. It simply whispers "I know who iAm"! I know that iAm on this earth for a reason and that there is a plan for my life. I know that my hardships have made me the person that iAm today. I know that if it had not been for my mother dying when I was only four years old, I would not know the pain, sadness, loneliness, and anger that is experienced by every motherless child. I know that if my grandmother who raised me from age 4 to the age of 14, had not died the morning of April 4, 1988, I would still be on the streets of South Central Los Angeles, never imagining a world of endless possibilites and afforded the opportunities to be all that I can be. I know that if I wasn't abandoned by my biological family at age 14, I would not have the compassion nor the drive to provide services to displaced youth and the inner strength to fight every negative force with adamant determination to see these kids succeed in life!


iAmPURPOSE is a ANTHEM. It is simply song of praise and thanksgiving that is only understood by REAL people, with REAL issues! An anthem that can only be song by "chosen" people who have gone through the fiery trials and turmoils of this life and have realized through it all..... iAmPURPOSE!


Join me as iAmPURPOSE becomes a MOVEMENT. It is my desire to partner with men and women across America who is not afraid to share their testimony of discovery. Please contact me for more information on how you can be apart of the iAmPurpose campaign.




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