Welcome to the Teen Parent Advocate!

This blog space intends to provide relevant, useful information and resources to providers that serve teen parents and their babies. It is also a space to offer resources to teen parents. We hope to engage and build a community of service providers, community members, and teen parents, all working together to create a big village of love and support. My desire is for everyone who serves teen parents, in any capacity, to understand the plight of being a teen parent but beyond just understanding, TAKE ACTION!

It is without question that being a teen parent is by far one of the most challenging callings in this life. The support that is needed is endless. There so much to do that one individual cannot fulfill the needs alone. It requires a village. A village provides a multiplicity of support services created to help members get access to resources, meet service needs, and promote physical, mental and emotional wellness.

Bottom line, teen pregnancy and parenting are not small circle issues. Teen pregnancy is considered a public health issue or “crisis” in some instances. Therefore, we, the public, have to “deal” with this issue. Likewise, teen parenting is a by-product of teen pregnancy that also need attention and resources. Neither can be ignored or left to fate or luck. I have been verbally attacked for my work in providing services and support for teen parents (i.e., baby showers, residential care, diapers, clothes, etc.) as if I promoted teens having sex and getting pregnant. I, one hundred percent, support the teen pregnancy prevention initiatives and programs, however, once they are pregnant, who is supposed to help them?

I invite you to be a part of my village of Teen Parent Advocates!