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Born for Nia Maternity Home #1 Timeline

11/26/2011 – Program statement for the Born for Nia Maternity Home was signed, sealed

             and delivered to Riverside County.

12/22/2011 – Riverside County asked for revisions to be made to the program statement.

01/03/2012 – Revisions were made to the program statement and resubmitted to Riverside


02/06/2012 – We are scheduled for program statement review.

09/13/2012 – Interview with Riverside County DPSS for program statement support letter.

             FINALLY! Yay!

09/13/2012 – We got approved!!! The Born for Nia Maternity Home got APPROVED!!!

10/12/2012 – The Desert Sun features a story on Founder and CEO, Dretona Maddox and Born for Nia  Maternity Home.

11/13/2012 – Received our Support Letter from Riverside DPSS!

03/19/2013 – Received notification that Sacramento GRANTED the request for exception to

 the moratorium for our program!

12/19/2013 – Component II Meeting

Purposely Chosen, Inc. has its TRADEMARK!

On January 10, 2012, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) sent official notification that PURPOSELY CHOSEN has been registered! This has been a long and tedious process but because this name was God-given to the founder, we had no worries about the obstacles that we faced while trying to secure registration. What God has for Purposely Chosen, Inc., it is for Purposely Chosen! So be on the look out for shirts, hats, and bags reping Purposely Chosen, the BRAND!

Purposely Chosens’ Got Wheels!!!

On January 19, 2012, Purposely Chosen was blessed with a beautiful Ford E350 15 passenger van. We want to thank Dr. Rose Swearingen and the Life’s Journey Center, Palm Springs, CA for this wonderful blessing!

 We Need You To Survive

Purposely Chosen relies on the generous support of people that simply care about the needs of others to help us provide displaced adolescent mothers and their infants with some basic necessities. If you desire to donate any of the items listed below, please call us at (760) 322-7600. Even if it is one bag of diapers, we need it and we appreciate you for your desire to give. We host babies showers every month for displaced teen moms. Our desire is to provide each mom with these essentials so that they can begin their journey of parenting with tools to promote success.

Wish List

Huggies Diapers and Wipes

Travel Systems – Car seat/stroller (new)

Pack N’ Play (new)

 Swing (new)

Baby Clothes (new)

Babies R Us Gift Cards (any amount)