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Baby Shower Program

Purposely Chosen hosts baby showers for displaced pregnant teens in Riverside County. These showers are held every month at the Hanson House in Palm Springs, CA.

Our baby shower program is designed to create a healthy support system for the minor parents and their baby. For every shower, volunteers donate their time and money to make a memorable event for the new parents to be. Our goal for each shower is to supply the new baby with a some essential items: diapers , wipes, pack n’ play, car seat, stroller, swing, and a diaper bag. All items are purchased new.

We rely solely on the donations of cheerful givers to make this happen. The average cost to host a baby shower is $700. This includes decorations, food & drinks, and gift items.

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Home visiting and Support Program

Our Home Visiting and Support offers personal, hands-on, home visits to pregnant and postpartum teen moms with a nurse or social worker who facilitates access to health care, health education, and practical support. This program serves minor parents during pregnancy  until their children are up to one year of age. 

The Nurturing Parenting Programs®

The Nurturing Parenting Programs is a cirriculum used by Purposely Chosen that offers caring, comprehensive teen focused prenatal, parenting, and pregnancy prevention classes to teens in Riverside County.

The Nurturing Parenting Programs®, a program developed by Stephen Bavolek, PhD., seeks to strengthen families and prevent child abuse and neglect by educating parents and their children.

The Prenatal Program® is a eighteen session home-based program.

The Prenatal Program addresses the current issues faced by teen couples expecting a child including the use of prescription drugs, alcohol and tobacco during pregnancy; the relationship between healthy pregnancies and proper nutrition; the effects of stress on the baby; and issues of body image, weight gain, dieting and brain development during pregnancy.

Nurturing Skills for Teen Parents® is a comprehensive curriculum containing 59 individual lessons. Home-based sessions vary. Each session is designed to last 50 to 90 minutes. 

The Nurturing Skills for Teen Parents is presented in 16 different skill areas known to represent the range of appropriate parenting and child rearing practices. Curriculum offers opportunities to educate teens on issues critical to adolescence including pregnancy prevention, date rape, peer pressure, dating, violent relationships and other health related skills.

The Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program is a community-based education program that consist of eight (8) independent 60 to 90 minute lessons.

Lessons educate teens about the consequences of high risk behavior and give them the tools necessary to make better choices.

Program Objectives…

The objectives of this program are to reduce teen pregnancy by:

Providing knowledge

    This is not a fear based program. Isn’t reality bad enough? The goal of this program is to educate teens about the consequences of high risk behavior and give them the tools necessary to make better choices.

Enhancing decision making skills

    Based on Cognitive Behavioral techniques, the series encourages the use of evidence finding to validate beliefs, instead of relying on faulty thoughts and charged emotions. 

Changing attitudes and beliefs about self-worth

    Teens that are ambivalent are more likely to experience negative consequences of bad decision making. These lessons are geared to improve self-worth because teens that value their bodies and future, in an effort to “protect” themselves make better choices.